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ג ‘איאפורה, Kompas – פפואה של עושר טבעי הופך להיות מוקד לדיון בכנסים בינלאומיים Biodiversity ו Sustainable Development בפפואה ב 11-14 נובמבר. תוכנית זו תהיה פעילות ואחריו 400 משתתפים מכל המוסדות השונים בתוך ומחוץ למדינה.
שני חברת הכרייה ענק פפואה, אינדונזיה PT פריפורט הנפט הבריטי, אישר נוכחות כדי לחלוק טיפים על פעילויות האחריות החברתית שלהם (CSR).
יו”ר הוועדה, שהוא גם ראש עיבוד של משאבי טבע וסביבה פפואה פרובינציה, Noak Kapisa ביום שני (9 / 11) ב ג ‘איאפורה, מסביר, זה הכנס התקיים בגלל פפואה הוכר הריאות של העולם. “משמעות הדבר היא, פפואה חשוב להישרדות של הקהילות בעולם,” אמר.
האירוע נערך על ידי ממשלת פרובינציית פפואה ו פפואה המערבית, כמו גם ארגונים בינלאומיים ממשלתיים שימור ה-WWF היה הנושא “עובדים יחד לפיתוח בר קיימא בפפואה לעתיד שלנו ביחד” ו subtema “הגן על מגוון ביולוגי, הגן על חיינו”. Noak אמר, נתונים CI בשנת 1999 הראה כי כ -50 אחוז הביולוגי של אינדונזיה היא Tanah פפואה. בפפואה קיים גם במכרות הזהב הגדול ביותר בעולם התוכן של הגז הטבעי השלישית בגודלה באינדונזיה.
בנוסף, יש גם מערכת אקולוגית עשירה, מתוך שוניות אלמוגים, mangroves (mangroves), הביצה, סוואנה, יערות השפלה, ובהרים.
הוא הצביע על נתונים של משרד יערנות בשנת 2002 אשר מזכיר כריתת יערות בקנה מידה לאומי הגיע לדאוג רמות, או עד 117,523 הקטרים בשנה. זה בגלל ההמרה יער עבור פיתוח תשתיות והרחבת הכביש האזורי,


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United States President Barack Obama is scheduled next March visit to Jakarta to meet President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono invited. The visit was to enhance bilateral ties, as well as building a harmonious communication between people of both countries.
During the meeting the two presidents, Democrat Obama in the United States and the Democratic SBY in Indonesia that will discuss various political issues, economics, social welfare, and defense security.

According to the source of SP in Jakarta, Tuesday (9 / 2) morning, but that topic is likely the two presidents discussed the evaluation of the implementation of Law No. 21 of 2001 on Special Autonomy for Papua Province. “The talks related to the situation in the community whose welfare native Papuans never improved. And, the problem of human rights violations against indigenous people there by the power of the state. The problem has become Barack Obama’s attention since she was a member of the U.S. Congress Black Caucus for the Papua issue, “he said.

Mentioned, Papua became important because since 1974, the United States through multinational companies manage PT Freeport Indonesia copper and gold mine in Eastberg and Grasberg, Tembagapura, Mimika, Papua. “The company has provided great benefits and foreign exchange for the U.S. and Indonesia. With this condition, it has been the U.S. and Indonesia should pay attention to the welfare of indigenous people of Papua, “he said. [W-8]

Source: Suara Pembaruan, Tuesday, Februari 9, 2010

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JAKARTA – PT Freeport Indonesia during the period January to December 2009 has made the payment obligations to the Indonesian government for U.S. $ 1.4 billion (around Rp 13 trillion). According to Freeport Indonesia spokesman, Mindo Pangaribuan, the company has paid corporate income tax, employee income tax, local taxes and other taxes amounting to U.S. $ 1 billion.

“Also royalty of U.S. $ 128 million and dividends of U.S. $ 213 million,” Mindo said in Jakarta, Monday.

He added, the amount paid is greater than the payments during the period January to December 2008 which reached U.S. $ 1.2 billion. “This is due to fluctuations in commodity prices and production levels, he said.
Thus, according to Mindo, the total financial obligations in accordance with the provisions referring to the 1991 Contract of Work that has been paid to the Government of Indonesia Freeport Indonesia since the 1992-2009 amounted to U.S. $ 9.5 billion.

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JAKARTA – PT Freeport Indonesia selama periode Januari-Desember 2009 telah melakukan kewajiban pembayaran kepada pemerintah Indonesia senilai US$ 1,4 miliar (sekitar Rp 13 triliun). Menurut juru bicara Freeport Indonesia, Mindo Pangaribuan, perusahaan telah membayar pajak penghasilan badan, pajak penghasilan karyawan, pajak daerah, serta pajak-pajak lainnya sebesar US$ 1 miliar.

“Juga royalti sebesar US$ 128 juta serta dividen sebesar US$ 213 juta,” kata Mindo di Jakarta, Senin lalu.

Dia menambahkan, jumlah pembayaran lebih besar dibandingkan dengan pembayaran selama periode Januari-Desember 2008 yang mencapai US$ 1,2 miliar. “Ini akibat fluktuasi harga komoditas dan tingkat produksi, ujarnya.

Dengan demikian, menurut Mindo, total kewajiban keuangan sesuai dengan ketentuan yang mengacu pada Kontrak Karya 1991 yang telah dibayarkan Freeport Indonesia kepada pemerintah Indonesia sejak 1992-2009 sebesar US$ 9,5 miliar.

Sumber: Koran Tempo, 1o Pebruari 2010

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Two Indonesian researchers have identified 103 crab (crustacean) species inhabiting mangrove forests in Mimika, Papua. 15 of the crab species found had never been published before.

“The 103 species included two main families, ocypodidae living on the lower shore, close to the estuary, and sesarmitiae living among the roots of mangrove trees,” said Dr Dwi Listyo Rahayu, a marine researcher with the Indonesian Institute of Science (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia/ LIPI), during the launching of the book Mangrove Estuary Crabs of Mimika Region-Papua, Indonesia, in Jakarta yesterday.  (more…)

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DUA peneliti Indonesia mengidentifikasi 103 spesies kepiting (crustacean) yang hidup di muara hutan bakau Mimika, Papua. Sebanyak 15 spesies kepiting yang ditemukan tersebut belum pernah dipublikasikan.

“Dari 103 spesies kepiting terdapat dua famili besar kepiting yaitu ocypodidae yang hidup di pantai bawah, dekat muara, dan sesarmitiae yang hidup di akar-akar pohon bakau,” kata Dr Dwi Listyo Rahayu, peneliti bidang kelautan dari Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI) saat peluncuran buku Mangrove Estuary Crabs of Mimika Region-Papua, Indonesia, di Jakarta, kemarin. (more…)

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Thousands of pig-nosed turtles released The Papua Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) recently re-released over 10,000 pig-nosed turtles, an endemic species of the province, in to the Otakwa River in the Lorentz National Park. The turtles were seized by the Mimika Police and members of the BKSDA team in Timika on Feb. 12. They were poached in East Mimika district in Asmat regency and were to be smuggled out of the province. The pig-nosed turtles (Caretto-chelys insclupta) are protected under Law No. 7/1999 on preserved plant and animal species, local BKSDA head Prianto said in Timika recently. Prianto said police had handed over the turtles to the BKSDA tosave the animals. It later coordinated with PT Freeport Indonesia to place them temporarily under its care before they were released into the wild, as it lacked the necessary holding facilities. “The turtles were kept temporarily at the reclamation pool area at Mile 21, thanks to PT Freeport Indonesias environmental division,” Prianto said. Prianto said the protected turtles could only be found in areas around Timika and the southern parts of Papua. A local syndicate had intended to smuggle them to Taiwan and Thailand, where they are eaten. He added that poaching was rampant in the southern parts of Papua, including in Merauke, Asmat and Mappi regencies, due to the high price pig-nosed turtles can fetch on the black market overseas. “We believe they would be shipped to Java before being smug-gled out of the country. Police have arrested three people who were transporting the turtles to Timika without proper documents,” he said. Prianto said his office lacked the means to return the turtles to the Lorentz National Park so it had coordinated with the company’s environmental division to assist it in transporting and releasing them back in to the wild. Manager of PT Freeport Indonesia’s environmental division Andi Mukhsia told reporters that the initiative to release the turtles into their habitat was part of a cooperation agreement between the Papua BKSDA, the Lorentz National Park, the local forestry office, the police and the company. “We responded seriously to the request by the BKSDA to temporarily keep the turtles for the sake of saving the endemic species of Papua. We are always committed to protecting and helping the government in rescuing rare and protected species in Papua. We are also committed to conserving Papuas endemic wildlife species,” Mukhsia said. He added that PT Freeport Indonesia had released as many as 3,000 pig-nosed turtles, returned from Java, to their natural habitat in Omawita and Fanamo villages in Far East Mimika district in 2006, which have since multiplied successfully thanks to routine care. In 2007, PT Freeport Indonesia also returned a group of ground kangaroos to the Wasur National Park in Merauke regency. “We are seriously committed to working together with the government to save rare species of Papua. We have also conducted a survey of various species of butterflies and birds in Mimika and will soon launch a book on crabs in Mimika,” Mukhsia said. By Markus Makur

 Source: THE JAKARTA POST/TIMIKA, Friday, March 6, 2009

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